Web Designing

We design creative appealing websites that will bring more visitors to your website and leads to your business!!!

Websites delivered by our desigenrs will be user friendly, easily accessible and simply maintainable. For every project we give more attention for the design, layout, colour schemes that will match with the theme of the website. Even if the website is well designed and if it’s not accessible to the browsers then the whole idea is lost. We at Clementz Inc., ensure 100% up time of our servers, redundant system to manage extreme situations and allocation of adequate server space to our clients make our customers’ website are accessible all the time.

Why Website for Your Business?

  • A well designed and professional looking website will project the correct image to visitors to your website, it will convince them they would be dealing with a professional business and it will convey trust. A poor website will do quite the opposite.
  • Build your brand. If you maintain the design style of your offline communication materials when you develop your online presence then you are developing your brand. This will ultimately be your businesses biggest asset.
  • Build awareness. Even if you don’t make an initial sale to your visitor so long as they enjoy their visit to your site it is likely that they will tell others about it. This builds awareness of your website and your products and services.
  • Email marketing is the most cost effective form of direct marketing. Most respondents to an email marketing campaign will have your website as their first ‘port of call’, you must therefore have an effective landing page and website.
  • Social media is one the big growth areas online, you can use it to drive traffic to your website and from there develop sales.
  • The merger of Yahoo and Bing may give Google some serious competition for searches. If this happens it will open up the internet for more businesses.
  • An effective website design will enable your business to build an ongoing relationship with visitors. It can be an information interface providing them with updates on your products and services whilst also enabling them to give you their feedback and hence assist you to develop new products and services to meet their ongoing needs.

Why Outsource for Clementz?

  • Our commitment to the project helps the business focus on the core activity and relieves resources. This is clearly reflected in the growth of the business and its bottom line.
  • On time deliveries and the difference in time zones makes it possible to achieve wonders on a tight schedule.
  • Our best IT and creative minds work together to handle every project from a unique perspective and accordingly deliver results that dazzle and delight the target audience.
  • We are easily accessible online as well as offline and react efficiently to any changes in the projects and provide insight into how these can be achieved.
  • A positive attitude goes a long way and the fact that we have streamlined business processes to increase project efficiency also helps.
  • For further details and discussion on our outsourcing services, do contact us.

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