HR Consulting

We minimize client's infrastructure, fetched & specialized risks by conveying globally embraced value benchmarks devoted to our clients notoriety in worldwide showcase.

In today's alterably updating business assembling a viable vocation system ends up being basic. Our HR Consultancy division looks after the profile being an asset for looking for job-identified data that aides you exploit revamped or upcoming work chances.

Services we offer

  • All eligible students can register for Placement service.

  • Students are provided Career Guidance and Placement Preparation Sessions.

  • Students are assigned interviews with prospective employers based on their skill levels, aptitude and career aspirations.

  • Clementz liaisons with the prospective clients till the actual placement takes place.

  • Campus recruitments help the Clementz students and non Clementz students to enroll forplacement services and attended the interviews based on their skill sets.



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