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Building clean, appealing functional interfaces in liaison with latest UI standards are my core skills. Creating better user centric/focused designs is my, self interested focus!



Low-Fidelity Wireframes aka hand-drawn sketches on paper or a whiteboard, High-Fidelity Wireframes aka mockups,
created using Balsamiq or Axure serve as valid documentations of a user interface


User Centric Design

Building clean, appealing, and functional interfaces complying with latest user interface standards and handling most complex transactional challenges to creating simple, easy-to-use mobile/web solutions.


User Experience Design

Focus to provide technical elegance, aesthetic integrity, and cost efficiency in the creation of unique and intuitive user interface designs in areas of mobile, web, intranets, database-driven sites, mobile/web application from start-ups to stalwarts.



Hi there! I’m Deepak Devadasan!

14 Years of rich User Interface Experience in designing and delivering low/high-fidelity wireframes to effectively communicate interaction design ideas. Have led UX strategy, Interaction Design, usability testing & design for web and mobile (native) interactive, for clients across multiple industries including several Fortune 100 companies.


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Honors & Awards

Mindworks - Social Quizzing platform

I am extremely happy with the GUI interface that you have created for the recent improvement of K-Bank in KNOWMAX. This has given me food for my KM thoughts in multiple directions. I am sure lot of effort has gone into preparing these screen images. Well done. I am sure you will sustain this momentum in all future initiatives - Process Excellence, Knowledge Management Head
Appreciate MindWorks team for development of very good tool MINDWORKS using web 2.0 technology. Tool is designed & developed very beautifully. Error handling is very user friendly. Keep up the good work! - Process Excellence,Practice Head
The Team has conceptualized, developed, deployed Mindworks. Product has improved learning and sharing culture across TCS - Manager,Knowledge Management
Client Speak
The system is so easy to use! I love the new UI - it's very easy to use one its played with and it becomes familiar - Jennifer Mortam
Overall the associates have found the new UI system easy to navigate, and user friendly. Thanks again for the wonderful upgrades 
I'm most excited about the internal web site because it was such a mess and needed to be totally redone.  We took three sites, all with a different look and feel and merged them into one professional looking internal site.
This was something I wanted to do since I started and we were able to set a goal and accomplish it in a timely fashion.
Received gold certificate for best performer  as web lead -  Keane


I'm always happy to receive your mail be it a praise or criticism, suggestion, question, or just to say hi!

  • Address: 34473, Nylander Ter, Fremont, CA - 94555
  • Phone: 952-457-4371
  • Email: