Training Programs

Clementz is an establishment begun with a vision to furnish finish Emotional disposition Growth and BPO educating to scholars and working masters, getting ready them for the tests in advance of their profession.

Call Center Training

The impact of human emotional disposition upon the useful power of a conglomeration and its folks has been extensively distinguished. The identity can likewise be altered. We give preparing systems pointed at for the most part emotional makeup advancement of a single.

  • The Intonation

  • The sounds and Rhythms of American English.

  • Targeting Pronunciation(American and British accents)

  • Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking American and British English.

  • Group discussion, Interview skills and extempore speeches.

  • Computer aided Phone Conversations.

  • Articles reading and Presentations.

  • American slang, Idioms and English.

  • Internet, E-mail and Browsing.

We also offer customized Soft Skills and Sales Training Programs to corporate companies to help their employees reach peak potential. The categories of the training programs offered by us are given below.

  • Brobing Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Negociating

  • Effective Prospecting